Friday, August 08, 2008

Who's Cracker(s)?

POLICE in New Zealand have used a photo of 58-year-old British actor Robbie Coltrane on a wanted poster for a teenage burglar because the law prevents them from identifying a minor.

A politician said the move by police in Christchurch was "an exercise in absurdity made necessary by a daft law" and said the British press were having a field day with the "joke".

A wanted poster featuring Coltrane, star of the criminal series Cracker, is being used by police because he resembles the young burglar.

Police are not able to publish pictures of anyone under the age of 16, so they are doing the next best thing by posting pictures of lookalikes.


Blogger troylloyd said...


conceptual wanted posters!

do the Kiwi authorities know how contemporary avant this is?

i like the word "lookalike".

10:20 PM  

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