Wednesday, June 26, 2019

wednesday newstrip

Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests · UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court of appeal declares · Home Affairs Minister, Putrid Dustbin, says refugee women held in offshore detention camps are using rape & abortion claims as ploy to get to Australia · US 'spy' drone shot down by Tehran, but Americans deny it was in Iranian airspace · teen’s jaw was shattered when his vape pen exploded in his mouth · Bore_us Gone_to_the_John likely to be next Prime Sinister of UK.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

out from ma press

An afterword from Residual sonnets
A great deal of my work is based on stochastic processes, starting with a prompt & using it as a search term in Google, taking a phrase from the search string that results & using that as a prompt, taking a phrase from that & continuing on. You end up with a page of phrases from which you sculpt a poem, & then move on, leaving behind a page of discarded material, rarely looked at or turned over again.

What I have done to arrive at these "residual sonnets" is to go back to those leftover pages, collate them, & use the material there to create new poems, in 14-line form. I had obviously intended to do this on a small scale before, because I found several separate pages with the same phrases included on them. But even with those duplications removed, the bricolage totals over 200 pages, spread across 30+ directories.

This collection contains the initial results from that sculpting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

wednesday newstrip

Notre Dame officials say tycoons who promised millions after the fire haven't paid a cent · Facebook furore over ad ban on second-hand breast pumps angers mums · milk recalled over contamination fears · DoNuts T.®ump blames Iran for Gulf of Oman oil tanker attacks: Japanese ship owner contradicts US account of how tanker was attacked · an uninspired Men in Black: International wastes the chemistry of its two leads · WHO decides not to declare Ebola emergency · several killed in al-Shabab attacks in Mogadishu.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

wednesday newstrip

NASA to open International Space Station for tourism, business opportunities · mysterious blob caught on weather radar claimed to be a massive ladybug swarm heading for the ISS · DoNuts T.®ump decides not to go to the Moon because he "doesn't like the variety of cheese it's made from" · Alec Baldwin 'so done' with portraying T.®ump on 'SNL' · Apple bids farewell to iTunes after 18 years · US precedent claims he had 'automatic chemistry' with the British monarch · DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has been canceled after one episode · DoNuts T.®ump announced that the moon is part of Mars, launches new range of caps with MONA SAGA — Make Our NASA Great Again — embroidered on them · British stewardess & girlfriend bashed on bus because they refused to kiss for gang of homophobic yobbos.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

wednesday newstrip

Dressed to kill: how Killing Eve TV assassin Villanelle became a style icon · 12 dead, including suspect, in Virginia Beach shooting · hellish new planet discovery shocks experts after being discovered in an area of space where no planets are supposed to be able to survive due to the intense radiation · iOS App trackers are collecting your personal data · DoNuts T.®ump has made a startling admission in which he appeared to confirm for the first time that Russia "helped (him) to get elected" · autism symptoms replicated in mice after faecal transplants · Schrödinger's cat could be saved, say scientists.