Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dibbler mailed me some of his ms paint masterpieces from the days of yore. He is looking to expand his business by gaining new customers. I immediately got a pretty good dose of black pepper & midsize vehicles which are amongst the properties of high-grade metamorphosed igneous rocks.


Cutaneous findings resemble S. canadensis but do not grow as tall & they flower far earlier. This doctrine is familiar to tort & contract lawyers. Drill a hole in a thin cup in a drive-thru & there is a possibility of punitive damages. I would not recommend this to a friend.


A large swath of coastal land has been secured. The covers fit on over regular shoes & have an elasticized strap on the bottom. Churn refers to the rate at which mobile customers switch operators. The British public thought claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse were dead until they discovered the world through satellite photos. I decided to try my hand at Linux.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Energy drove dangerously at speeds of up to 70mph through built-up streets.

Energy is flirting with making twice-divorced metrosexual wannabe Rudy Giuliani their presidential nominee.

Energy appears on the Miles Davis / Gil Evans album Sketches of Spain.

Energy gained weight following a growing tallness.

Energy lacks a confirmation popup.

Energy is gleaned from an article posted on a blog.

Energy has seen its retirement plans evaporate. As 401(k)s dwindle, its dreams of golden years are being replaced by feelings of hopelessness & anger.

Energy is available at Wizards of the Coast for free download.

Energy was 4th leading Hunter Breeding Sire for 2007 National USEF standings.

Sword-bearing assassins & demons force Energy to reawaken its long-forgotten samurai past.

Energy is the UK's premier supplier of custom made shaped & sized bedding for caravans, motorhomes, campervans & boats, including fitted sheets.

Energy is an incredible mover & has the chrome to get you noticed in the ring.

Energy has no more rights than a rock or a stray dog.

Energy has been removed due to violations of the Yelp Terms of Service.

Now out from Otoliths—Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro, by Charles Freeland

Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro
Charles Freeland
68 pages
Cover collage by Angela Genusa
Otoliths 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9806025-2-4
$10.45 + p&h
Direct URL:
Charles Freeland employs narrative sequence as a mode of aspiring to innocence. Each of these deceptively direct prose pieces, "embracing that infinity," is replete with power to endure what finally endows the conscious mind with revelations disguised as moments. Freeland’s wry humor, charged observations, sonorous lines ("Eulalie stands thigh deep in the river"), remind us of our privilege "just to catch the echo of it, the way children sometimes catch crayfish on the end of a sharpened stick." One final word for Freeland: "Encore!" — Sheila E. Murphy

Freeland's collection takes us on a journey with unexpected directions and deviations. Full of satire and the understated, the poetry of Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro is masterful. — William Allegrezza

Tactical Dispositions

Chi vuole fare tutte
queste cose, wrote
Machiavelli. Do these
jeans make my ass
look big?
Conviene che
tenga lo stile e modo
romano. Does coffee
stop you from growing
To appreciate
the link pin, piston &
cup elements of a
wheel cylinder il quale
fu inprima di fare le
The fundamental
tactic is indexing, come dicano
i Franciosi, corte e grosse.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Attack by Stratagem

When the temperature
drops, a spare motorcycle
helmet can make the
world of difference. It will,
however, do little to restore
fiscal responsibility to the
domains of fine arts or
woven products. For them
an information panel
marking the site of the bunker
where Adolf Hitler committed
suicide has been unveiled in
Berlin. Researchers predict
customer churn; but I just
love that new feature, even
though love spells are tricky
& can lead to obsession.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

x t r u s v h s o p l x m a q d
c h a z i p d r g t s i v x n m
b p q f w j g d t m y h l s g t
c y s f t x c d f a i p k m l r p
a z t s f p h i k j g r t o s p c u
p t j l k c d d a e x h r u z a q
v z l o m t q i e t d s f s h r t o
m x w t a u p r f g f h k l q a i
j p o g a q n s r a n d o m y k
l n a z o t w e j j k x b r t z d q

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waging War

First & foremost
on the list of stressors is
poor water quality. Then
comes trying to find the
freshest flower delivery
in Truth Or Consequences,
New Mexico. Defense
planning requires time
& takes place largely in
secrecy. The shaggy foot
is more than just aesthetics.


Vets are also in the
news today, getting
to the neural roots
of the musical riff—
the pre-frontal cortex,
just like the military
doctrine of preemption
& preventative war,
apparently winds down
when improvising.

odd shots

Dizzy Gillespie doing When the Saints Go Marching In.

Mind you, it was at a Louis Armstrong tribute show.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I find it passing strange

that my Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959-2008, which I consider to be a major work, sinks almost without trace whilst my Lunch Poems, a slight chapbook, continues to garner favorable reviews.

Perhaps it's the attractiveness of only having to peruse 20 pages against some 400+.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laying Plans

How are we
supposed to know
that it's a "spare the
air" day? Certainly
it has a sort of
maverick quality
to it, but that doesn't
necessarily mean
we're living in tough
times & crash dummies
in minicars always
fare comparatively
poorly in collisions
with the economic
consequences of the
high Italian budget
deficit. The symbolic
use of flowers dates
back to antiquity. Why
must we sacrifice &
shop in a one-room
shack when a whole
mall awaits us?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ma Bell

The telephone
is by Michelangelo

& is sculpted from
the Carrera marble

that he loved so
much. Is displayed

on top of a basalt
plinth with a bronze

plaque on the topside
corner that details

its provenance. No-
one else around in

the Uffici when it
rings so I pick it up.

"Hello," I say in a
somewhat hesitant

voice. Silence. Then
a response. "Ma dove

sono le nevi di un tempo?"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

    c        a             o S       h

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The film track

that's been running in my mind ever since I got stung by the bee is Walter Brennan in the 1946 Howard Hawks' Casablanca variant To Have & Have Not which stars for the first time the combination of Bogart & Bacall — they were married by the time they did The Big Sleep for Hawks later on in 1946 — with Hoagy Carmichael also in the cast. Brennan has a supporting role as Bogart's alcoholic deckhand & goes around asking any- & everyone he meets "Ever get stung by a dead bee?"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I posted

about ten or so days ago how business &, more probably, the business press were corrupting the language. The headline then was "BHP offshores copper refining."

Today's headline—same company &, I'm guessing, the same sub-editor:

BHP says will idle nickel mine in Australia

The news item

that I've found most enjoyable in the last few days is one about an orang-utan at the Adelaide Zoo who short-circuited the electric fence around her enclosure by jamming a stick into it, climbed over it once there was no current, moved to the next fence that protected her from the visitors & the outside world, built a stack/ladder with whatever was around her just to prove she knew Claude Lévi-Strauss' definition of bricolage, used that to climb to the top of the fence where she paused, looked around, saw what the world was made of, thought "fuck that", & climbed back down to wait for her keepers to return her to her own domain.

Even though

the jokes
weren't all
that funny


it was The

telling them.

Same old
same old

but with a

This time
they were
with him,

not at him
like they
did with

the fuckwit
who was the


Sunday, May 10, 2009


reciprocal          caesura

treadmill           alienate

Friday, May 08, 2009

Those Character Arcs

The seemingly innocent romantic gesture of a young man
  has been hailed as a model for Public-Private partnerships—
some people simply never go anywhere empty-handed.

He was watching The Princess Diaries, an innovative,
  provocative conversation on all aspects of religion. The
fact is great films have been made with great characters

that do not change who they are at their core. It would be
  even better if he were British. They can invest in beautiful
umbrellas because they know they'll never just be left

in a cupboard unused. & does anyone know where you
  can get those umbrellas where the outer part is gray,
but the inside (rain-free side if you like) has the sky on it?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I've / been working / like a dog

Saw A Hard Day's Night when it first came out in 1964, remember enjoying it immensely. Probably saw it again when it first made it to TV. Caught it again today on cable, was pleasantly surprised by how well it still stands up after 45 years.


false creates
its own reality.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Time looped back
upon itself. A
replicatory dance,
the same song over
but never over.

Forward. Furrowed.
Brow, ploughed
field. Back & forth, the
same earth turned

over. Never over.
The seasons carry
each unto themselves
the other seasons. Time
itself loops back

but never to the same
space. A starting point, a
pace apart. Space &
time a place apart, never

to be ploughed but
further afield time loops
back. A replicatory dance
in time upon itself. Apace.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


he played bass in a band called Einstein. They were into heavy mental.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Today the
postman brought
me the Shield
of Achilles. So
much mystique
attached to it
that, upon re-
flection, I
was petrified.

If the way

business treats language is indicative of its standard operating practice, then it's no wonder we're in the middle of a financial crisis.

A headline noted yesterday:

BHP offshores copper refining

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Friday, May 01, 2009

The dawn brings in a brighter day!

Issue thirteen of Otoliths is now live

Otoliths enters its fourth year with an issue that's much more stimulating than any fiscal package yet put forward to counter the current GFC. It contains a variety of poetry including — as described by the creators — prose, concrete, list, visual, & minimalist; photography; digital & analog paintings; assemblages; a selection of quite outstanding fiction; & the occasional piece that defies classification.

In the issue are Peter Ciccariello, pd mallamo, Adam Fieled, F. J. Bergmann, Charles Freeland, Reed Altemus, Mark Cunningham, Bob Heman, Dorothee Lang & Jeff Crouch, Thomas Fink , Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason, Kirk Marshall, Luca Penne, Francis Raven, Raymond Farr, Philip Byron Oakes, James Belflower & Anne Heide & J. Michael Martinez, Jeff Harrison, Zach Buscher, Michael K. White, Amelia Schmidt, Sheila E. Murphy, Jeff Encke, J. D. Nelson, Bill Drennan, Márton Koppány, John Moore Williams, Travis Macdonald, Geof Huth & Tom Beckett, Andy Martrich, Paul Siegell, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Joe Balaz, dan raphael, Glenn R. Frantz, Marcia Arrieta, Daniel f Bradley, Daniel f Bradley & Mike Cannell, Stephen Nelson, Adam Strauss, Tom Taylor, Angela Genusa, Martin Edmond, Carlyle Baker, Alex Gildzen, Tom Beckett interviewing Alex Gildzen, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Alyson Torns, Sam Langer, John M. Bennett & C. Mehrl Bennett & Geof Huth, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Felino Soriano, Alexander Jorgensen, Michael Aanji Crowley, Anne Gorrick, Ashley Capes, Manas Bhattacharya, Manas Bhattacharya & Aria Abraham, Lars Palm, sean burn, Lisa Ciccarello, Obododimma Oha, Bobbi Lurie, Tray Drumhann, R L Swihart, & Ryan B. Richey.

& a reminder that print copies of the previous twelve issues are available from The Otoliths Storefront.