Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today the
postman brought
me my contributor's
copy of
                      So long
in the making, so
worth the wait.

Friday, October 26, 2012

the little fangirl.

You can call me Mew. I love BLEACH, IchiRuki & strawberries. I’m a rabid fangirl & I have out-of-this-world imagination, along with drawing skills which are just about as good as Rukia’s. I can speak English & a little of both Japanese & French.

My favourite characters are Ichigo, Rukia, Nii-sama, Hitsugaya & Kon. I try to post mainly IchiRuki stuff here but sometimes I’ll slip in a non-IchiRuki post or two.

I’m a full-time student & a part-time full-time IchiRuki fangirl.

Please enjoy your stay here & thank you for visiting my little tumblelog ♥

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out from Otoliths — Bobbi Lurie's the morphine poems

Now out from Otoliths.

the morphine poems
Bobbi Lurie
56 pages
Otoliths, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9872010-5-8
$12.15 + p&h
the morphine poems succeeds as language breaks through language, metastasizes through the harboring of pain. The words spread across the page with a content all their own; uncanny, they haunt the body. Paragraphs of disorderly text are ordered; a poetics of life against death seeps through. This is an important and powerful book, concerned with illness that almost tends towards a pathology of speech itself. The body refuses to disappear and the words simultaneously convey despair, heartbreak, and resistance. Bobbi Lurie writes unsparingly about sickness and wayward health in a brave and detailed cartography of body and biography, creating a work of brilliance and renewal. Everyone should read this book, which is everyone's journey, one way or another, a journey from life into life. It is a journey that is all too often shamefully hidden, a journey we need to contemplate and embrace. —Alan Sondheim

This wracked and fragile (i.e. powerful) volume “defines the disorder to not be a noun so much as a metaphor for self-sabotage”–semiotic flux run amok as daily rituals: eating, attending gatherings, girl-things. Long swirls of sensory and cognitive language sentences, one heir to Bob Kaufman’s Second April’s run-ons tinged with a morphine sensibility. A feminine dissolution, self-critical and at the mercy of bare larders and bereft landscapes. Sister Morphine stripped of hip. Honest as hell. —Maria Damon

The Janus face of poetry has given Bobbi Lurie its undivided attention. —Jeff Harrison

What really strikes me is how utmostly clearly her mind worked in the imminence of “... the doctor’s pockmarked face up close as the iv drips 'i’ll kill you,' says he, 'then keep you alive' and i….i…i…” There's nothing surreal about the rushing images, which are deeply and acutely self-reflexive. “perhaps a porch i never sat at a feeling of fellowship against deception ...“ She doesn't fight reason or try to get "beyond" it. I mean: she never tries to escape the here and now by inventing hiding places. “a life without epiphanies is all i ask of poets ...“

In the morphine poems, Bobbi Lurie spares herself and her reader from faked escapes (consequently from the burden of suppressed fears), therefore she doesn't multiply suffering by itself, and that is liberating –and a very rare attitude! “how she gave me her seat as if a friend as i was passing out kindness took my hand filled with stones and sour summer reprieve in fruit ...“ —Márton Koppány

Monday, October 22, 2012

L'Année dernière

In a sprawling baroque hotel, a stranger, X, tries to persuade a married woman, A, to leave her husband, M, and run away with him. He reminds her of her promise when they met a year ago, at Marienbad, but the woman seems not to remember that meeting......

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the septimbre of some pwoermds










Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indicators of climate change #1764

I'm as corny as Kansas Manitoba in August,
I'm as abnormal as blueberry pie.
While farmers nationwide planted the most corn this year since 1937, growers in Kansas sowed the fewest acres in three years, instead turning to less-thirsty crops such as wheat, sorghum and even triticale, a wheat-rye mix popular in Poland. Meanwhile, corn acreage in Manitoba, a Canadian province about 700 miles north of Kansas, has nearly doubled over the past decade due to weather changes and higher prices.

Shifts such as these reflect a view among food producers that this summer’s drought in the US — the worst in half a century — isn’t a random disaster. It’s a glimpse of a future altered by climate change that will affect worldwide production.

Monday, October 15, 2012

More than two million living in poverty

Gov. Romney had "half a tonne" of police lying on top of him before he was rolled over—no longer breathing & blue in the face, an inquest heard this morning. News Limited have reported Paul Ryan has been dumped as the fallout continues. When the aspiring vice president applied to attend another committee hearing, an extra security guard was placed there, but a “unique” human error had allowed him to leave smirking, laughing, smiling. Joe Biden had the split screen, had them both on it. People probably couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Job ads fall for six straight months

Brandishing a replica of the sword of independence hero Simon Bolivar, the Republican nominee pledged the Marine Corps Color Guard would continue its "march towards democratic socialism." Progress had slowed to a crawl last year as Tokyo focused on recovering from the devastating tsunami & the subsequent crisis at one of its nuclear power plants. Diplomats from Italy & Spain will speak as well to explain how to conduct policy toward the Middle East, or resolve ideological rifts on foreign policy within the party. "It's time to seal the deal on an appropriate sex life in a dynamic & changing region." "I didn't want to make him a villain. It was more about a teenager with a particular talent & a moral code." The text messages were compiled by lawyers as a rebuttal of the idea that Columbus Day, which is openly gay, was a political stooge designed to tempt opponents to take the next step & plant many seeds & make these seeds produce many trees.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Today the
postman brought
me next week's
lottery numbers—
one through to
forty-four, the
same as this,
last, & every
week for the
past ten years.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Trade deficit widens as softer commodity prices hit exports

Gone are the tables & three-course meals, which cost upwards of $500 a seat for guests. Some buildings have had their facades completely ripped off; others virtually demolished by the blasts, leaving huge piles of rubble & debris, & craters in the road. Bodies were shown being carried away with blankets being used as stretchers. In their place comes finger food in theater/concert seating at Sydney's inner-city Entertainment Center. The Samsung GS3 faired slightly better than the iPhone 5 in the test, achieving a speed of 30.1 megabits per second compared to the iPhone's 29.1 megabits per second. Scores of people gathered outside the central bank, calling for the governor to stand down, chanting anti-government slogans. A Perth couple made a brief appearance in court, accused of organising the illegal circumcision of their one-year-old baby girl in Bali. The UK has lagged behind the rest of Europe in rounding up & arresting illegal money changers in the capital.