Sunday, March 31, 2019

out from otata

Currently available as a PDF file here. Soon to be available as a print on demand book.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

wednesday newstrip

Passengers are airlifted from cruise ship stranded off Norway provoking DoNuts T.®ump to claim the Islamic State caliphate has now been defeated · hundreds of thousands of hens are expected to be destroyed following an outbreak of an “exotic” strain of salmonella provoking DoNuts T.®ump to claim the Islamic State caliphate has now been defeated · Facebook left millions of user passwords readable by its employees for years provoking DoNuts T.®ump to claim that that won't happen again now the Islamic State caliphate has now been defeated · Persona 5: The Royal is coming to ps4 with a female protagonist, provoking DoNuts T.®ump to claim the Islamic State caliphate has now been defeated · Japanese scientists say they’ve figured out where Ryugu asteroid is from provoking DoNuts T.®ump to claim the Islamic State caliphate has now been defeated.

Monday, March 25, 2019


Was looking through the early pages of gamma ways, & came across this post, from 12 & a half years ago.
"It's amazing how much print copy an e-zine generates.

"I'm putting together the print versions of issue two of Otoliths. Issue one turned into 96 pages for the b&w part one, 60 pages for the color part two. Issue two has run out at 136 pages for the b&w, 84 pages for the color."
Little did I know what the future would hold.

Issue 51, part one. 336 pages. Part two. 202 pages.
Issue 52, part one. 286 pages. Part two. 260 pages.

¡Ay, caramba!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

wednesday newstrip

 Mucad Ibrahim     Abdullahi Dirie    Sayyad Milne     Khaled Alhaj Mustafa     Hamza Mustafa     Ansi Karippakulam Alibava     Atta Elayyan     Haroon Mahmood     Mohammad Imran Khan     Linda Armstrong     Haji-Daoud Nabi     Lilik Abdul Hamid     Ashraf Ali     Vora Ramiz     Farhaj Ahsan     Mojammel Hoq     Syed Jahandad Ali     Hussain Al-Umari     Osama Adnan Abu Kwik     Kamel Darwish     Amjad Hamid     Abdelfattah Qasem     Ali Elmadani     Husna Ahmed     Naeem Rashid     Tariq Omar     Mathullah Safi     Sohail Shahid     Musa Vali Sulemin Patel     Ramiz Arifbhai Vora     Arifbhai Mohamedali Vora     Ozair Kadir     Ashraf Masi     Talha Naeem     Syed Areeb Ahmed     Maheboob Allarakha Khokhar     Hussein Moustafa     Mounir Sollman     Zeehan Raza     Ghulan Hussain     Karam Bibi     Abdukadir Elmi     Mohammed Omar Faruk     Muhammed Abdusi Sammad     Musa Nur Awale     Ahmar Gamaluddin Abdel Ghani    Ashraf al-Morsi     Zhakira Bhuiyan 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

wednesday newstrip

No-Precedent DoNuts T.®ump asks Congress for US$8.6 billion so he can build a wall around the Wheat House to keep out two Islamic State brides who have had their British citizenships revoked · UK Prim Minister Tears MayNot asks Parliament for US$8.6 billion so she can build a firewall around 10 DoNuts Street after Google reported a zero-day exploit in Windows 7 · astronauts on the space station liked SpaceX's 'Earthy' toy so much that they kidnapped it & are asking Elongated Muskrat for US$8.6 billion before they give it back · DoNuts T.®ump gives J.Lo an asteroid-sized rock to put on her finger, invites her to move into the Wheat House whenever Megalomania's away, & offers her US$8.6 billion for each act of congress.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

wednesday newstrip

DoNuts T.®ump returns from Little Rocket Man concert in Hanoi emptyhanded, with neither the recipe for kimchi nor Elton John's autograph · new studies support existence of massive 9th planet, possibly five times the size of the Earth & closer than we thought · DoNuts T.®ump returns emptyhanded from Major Tom concert at the Kennedy Space Center, with neither the recipe for specially processed yuxiang pork nor David Bowie's autograph · video emerges of gigantic tarantula dragging a baby opossum away to devour it later. Khloé Kardashian unleashes: 'That's the reason my family broke up!' · The Vivo iQOO flagship smartphone is released with sd855, 12gb ram & 44w fast charge. DoNuts T.®ump returns home emptyheaded as well as emptyhanded.