Wednesday, May 27, 2015

wednesday newstrip

Kim Kardashian West says her sister Kylie Jenner has been unhappy, since she was 10, with China's territorial claims around artificial islands built in the South China Sea ∙ the heavy sell-off in bank shares has deepened, led by Westpac's dive into a new disc format ∙ images on an Islamic State website show what looks very much like an iPhone 5S but with the colored plastic backing of an iPhone 5C overrunning Iraqi government defences east of Ramadi ∙ Prom Minister Toe Knee Ass-Bit is insulting Australians' intelligence by using negative & childish slogans to deal with the current refugee crisis ∙ Google on Thursday apologized for a Maps mishap that directed users to the White House when a racist term was searched.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


          Or is
               it an inter-
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wednesday newstrip

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Congress backed new spending cuts for Amtrak on Wednesday, just hours after it landed on a property north of Longreach in Queensland ∙ the Federal Government's National Ice Taskforce will begin its community hearings on board a balloon in South Australia's south east ∙ Agriculture Minister Barnacled Buoys says two pet dogs belonging to US actor Johnny Depp will be put down unless the actor removes them from Australia ∙ Toyota and Nissan are recalling tens of thousands of cars in Ireland that may be affected by claims Netflix has overtaken Foxtel as the subscription service of choice in Australia ∙ Malcontent Turncoatabull has urged his government colleagues to show "more respect" for new mothers. Scientists are scrambling to recover the priceless data.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

wednesday newstrip

Drug companies are on the brink of war with the Ass-Bit government over proposed cuts in this week's budget which they warn will restrict Kylie Jenner's access to artificial plumping techniques to make her pout more full ∙ police in Indonesia have reportedly arrested a man for trying to smuggle the world's fifth-largest economy stuffed inside of plastic water bottles ∙ wearing army fatigues & rare birds, the fifth in line to the throne disembarked in the Ohio jail featured in the film The Shawshank Redemption ∙ Russia said an unmanned supply ship set for the International Space Station has gotten a lot of flak for its efforts to improve the nutritional value of school lunches & reduce the rate of childhood obesity ∙ mysterious 'alien' signals from Parkes telescope found to be coming from facility’s microwave ∙ climate change is a hoax led by the United Nations so that it can end democracy & impose authoritarian rule, according to Prom Minister Toe Knee Ass-Bit's chief business adviser.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

wednesday newstrip

Scientists are at a bit of a loss after finding the most overhyped fight in the history of sport orbiting a small cool star some 500 light years away ∙ the Australian doctor who featured in an Islamic State propaganda video is being investigated by TV Week & the Apple Watch ∙ Turkish riot police fired water cannon & tear gas to disperse a thousand celebrities using social media during this year's Logies ∙ about one in six species now alive on the planet could become extinct as a result of the Eurovision Song Contest ∙ women "invite" rape whenever they have the nerve to walk alone at night, according to the mayor of Albury in New South Wales.

Monday, May 04, 2015

The acrobats' routines finish, & the elephants enter. The circus band, silent for the last twenty-three minutes, does not so much strike up but rather glides into the introductory accompaniment, Sibelius' Valse Triste. A graceful transition. Pindar & Duncan would be equally delighted. "The light foot hears you, & the brightness begins, / god-step at the margins of thought....."

Friday, May 01, 2015

Issue thirty-seven of Otoliths is live

Issue thirty-seven of Otoliths, the southern autumn 2015 issue, is now online.

Depending on your time zone, it's either Walpurgisnacht or May Day. Which means, along with occasional bonfires & dancing & raisings of the People's Flag, it's time for Otoliths to celebrate its birthday.

So join in any or all of the four activities, kick up your heels & sing as you read / view work from a multinational crew consisting of Naomi Buck Palagi, Laura Hyde, Michael Prihoda, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Mark Cunningham, Felino A. Soriano, Philip Byron Oakes, Claudio Parentela, Ed Baker, Ivan Argüelles, Jim Leftwich, Kevin Rabas, Claire Nashar, George Moore, Kyle Hemming, John Lowther, Amanda Earl, Massimo Stirneri, Hamish Spark, Annette Plasencia, Lakey Comess, Glenn R. Frantz, Bill DiMichele, Roger Mitchell, Collin Schuster, Texas Fontanella, Thomas Fink, Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason, Claudia Serea, John M. Bennett, Thomas M. Cassidy & John M. Bennett, Sarah James & Dan Haynes, J. Crouse, Willie Smith, Richard Kostelanetz, Catherine Zickgraf, Cecelia Chapman, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, M. J. Gette, Javant Biarujia, Raymond Farr, Jack Galmitz, Howie Good, bruno neiva, Tony Rickaby, B. J. Muirhead, Carol Stetser, Steve Gilmartin, Karl Kempton, David Dick, hiromi suzuki, John Pursch, Pete Spence, Jim Meirose, Marco Giovenale, John Jay Flicker, Joe Balaz, Jeff Harrison, Bobbi Lurie, Jake Goetz, Bob Heman, Les Wicks, Enola Mirao, Alberto Vitacchio, Marcus Liljedahl, Marcia Arrieta, Angad Arora, Carla Bertola, Yuxing Xia, sean burn, Jack Little, Paul Siegell, Jen Crawford, Shloka Shankar, Matt Trease, Jill Jones, Márton Koppány, Mary Cresswell, William Allegrezza, PT Davidson, Tim Wright, Gian Luigi Braggio, Anne M Carson, Brentley Frazer, Véronique Champollion, Marty Hiatt, Michael Brandonisio, J. D. Nelson, & Katrinka Moore.
Look round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
The sturdy German chants its praise,
In Moscow's vaults its hymns were sung
Chicago swells the surging throng.