Thursday, March 30, 2023

Un vers de Charles Trenet

Le critique intérieur prend un péage; mais je suis toujours ravi de partager avec vous comment une réaction diffuse, où chaque facette a des reflets argentés & représente une aspect spécifique & unique d'une personnalité plus large trait, est mis en évidence par pyro- analyse, une technique pratiquée de- puis les temps anciens. Ici, la variable continue est convertie en une variable catégorielle qui correspond à un modèle hiérarchique. S'il découvre tu penses à arrêter votre travail de jour pour devenir un cirque interprète, souviens-toi d'un adulte doit être présent pour vous conduire à la maison.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

wednesday newstrip

"Poor DoNuts is being attacked again, he’s our hero, & the Democrats are just trying to put him down – that’ll help him with fundraising.” U.S. contributor to Sky News Australia · DoNuts T.®ump's arrest would show ‘how totally corrupt the deep state is’: Noguile Farago on Sky News · Freshwater Strategy Director Leo Shanahan says on Sky News that if T.®ump is arrested it “makes him a martyr of the cause” after a key witness in T.®ump's Indictment case was discredited by his former advisor · T.®ump wants to be handcuffed for court appearance in Stormy Daniels case, sources say · The White House is hoping all of the recent “T.®ump headline nonsense" will “drown out” the Hunter Biden story, says Sky News contributor Kristin Tate · “these full, horrible, left, democrat investigations of your all-time favourite president, me, is just a continuation of the most disgusting witch hunt in the history of our country:” former US president DoNuts T.®ump has blasted the ongoing investigations facing him, posting a scathing video rant to social media platform Truth Social · 'God, guns, & T.®ump': thousands turn out for Texas rally · we were told we’d be riding in self-driving cars by now. What happened to the promised revolution?

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A / small town / in North Queensland

Morning is announced by the
raucous flight — & visible in that
angular portion of the study 
window not blocked by trees 

or houses or a power pole — 
of either a top-dressing plane 
spreading fertilizer across the 
close-by sugarcane fields, or a

large group of red-tailed black
cockatoos moving between 
their favored eucalypts. One 
or the other. Never together.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

geographies: Lucerne

                     Refurbished at last, now with free
                          WiFi access & so well adapted
                                    to deep-rooted, temperate
                                    pasture, alfalfa has become 
                               one of the major weapons being
                               used in the fight against the
                           elegance of yesteryear. It's not
                 just the bellies of cows that benefit.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

recently, on Series Magritte

Of Limbs & Luxury

Today the post-
woman brought
me an already ex-
pensive castle in
the Pyrenees. If
I had added the

optional extra of
that giant bird
found in some
Magritte paintings
it would have cost
me an arm & a leg

on top of a basic 
price I can't really
afford. & since Ma-
gritte is dead, I don't
trust the vendor's
guarantee that the

artist will paint 
any missing limbs
back on me, just 
like he did to the 
model in Attemp-
ting the Impossible.

Friday, March 24, 2023


Traffique & golden eagles are in
an on-stage wind up of the de-
fence industry. Have renamed 

it the offence industry, in that 
it gives offence, in that it is
offensive, in that it tears down

everything that defence stood
for. Leaving us standing
alone, the last line of defence.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

wednesday newstrip

Arrest warrant issued for Vladimir Putain for war crimes · Sydney woman's horror injury after being attacked by kangaroo while trying to rescue joey · DoNuts T.®ump says he expects to be arrested & calls for supporters to protest · ‘the smell is next level’: millions of dead fish spanning kilometers of Darling-Baaka river begin to rot · Pakistani police storm home of Imran Khan & arrest 61 amid tear gas · Shazam: Fury of the Gods opens with bleak box office · Benjamin Notjustanyahoo: refusal to follow orders & incitement won’t be tolerated as Israeli reservists failed to show up for training on Sunday to protect the government’s judicial overhaul plan.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Today the post-
woman brought
me an audio re-

cording of the 
love that dare not 
speak its name.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

wednesday newstrip

Cyclone Freddy strikes Mozambique for the second time, killing at least 100 people, during a journey that started when it was spotted near Indonesia & named by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on February 6 · Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the United States for a special meeting regarding Australia's pending deal to buy nuclear submarines from the US & UK · one of Silicon Valley’s top banks fails & assets are seized, marking the largest failure of a U.S. financial institution since the height of the financial crisis almost 15 years ago · Indonesia’s Merapi volcano spews hot clouds in new eruption · Priyanka Chopra Jonas said she was left in tears after she was told she was too big to fit in a “sample size” during a fitting this week · a British anti-transgender activist is planning a visit to Aotearoa, sparking concerns amongst Rainbow communities who say she has a "track record of hateful speech & the incitement of violence".

Friday, March 10, 2023

Today the post-
woman brought
me an unemployed
dancing monkey. Put
me down as some-
one who can't tell
a lymph node 
from a lung, but I 
think there may 
currently be a search 
on for organ donors.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

wednesday newstrip

Australian Prime Minister among thousands who walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge during WorldPride march · Israelis rally again to protest government’s judicial overhaul · ‘he’s gone full T.®ump’: Tories turn on Bore-us Johnson over Partygate · humming vibrator in Pacifica apartment tower sent 25 residents ‘insane’ · Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded · Vanuatu residents 'exhausted' after two cyclones in three days · ‘I am your warrior’: fiery DoNuts T.®ump promises to end wars, pay baby bonus · man’s eyeball tattoo looks like an ‘eyegina,’ according to Twitter.

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

wednesday newstrip

Australian national science agency warns of a 'post-antibiotic world' in 2050, marked by declines in lifespan, quality of life, & livestock production · Vladimir Putain gives Steven Seagale friendship award · Joe BidenMyTime plans to run for president again, says wife · Canada bans TikTok from all government mobile devices · new earthquake hits Türkiye, collapsing buildings · $489m cocaine bust in banana shipment · Italy shipwreck death toll rises to 62 as more bodies pulled from sea · U.K. school suspends sex education after drag queen 'told 11-year-olds there are 73 genders.'

Friday, February 24, 2023

"Cordial," she replied cordially, when asked what she wanted to drink. "With gin?" he asked gingerly.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

wednesday newstrip

A Brazilian man has passed away from injuries he received last month when a concealed handgun he was wearing discharged near an operating MRI machine, shooting him in the abdomen · Tesla recalls nearly 363,000 cars over 'Full Self-Driving' issues · Japan is reportedly doubling its number of islands after a recount · leaks indicate DoNuts T.®ump's desire to bring back public executions · Microsoft's Bing Chatbot has started acting defensive & talking back to users · a massive helicopter used to catch & secure rockets as they return from space is now on a new mission to deliver aid to stricken areas of the East Coast of New Zealand, after Cyclone Gabrielle left its devastating mark on the region · only 8 per cent of AI professionals depicted in film are women, new study finds · former US President Jimmy Carter to begin receiving hospice care.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Today the post-
woman brought
me semen from
a papal bull. Un-
fortunately, the
only holy cow 
I know of is too
busy camping 

it up with the 
rest of the crew 
of the sixties TV
series Batman
to be available 
for insemination. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

wednesday newstrip

First shipment of Australian coal to China in more than two years arrives, raising hopes other sanctions could be dropped · New Zealand authorities recover 3.2 tonnes of cocaine from Pacific Ocean, believed to be bound for Australia · Madonna hits back at 'ageist' critics after Grammys appearance · Australia rejects a proposal for a coal mine near Great Barrier Reef due to risk of ‘irreversible damage’ · US shoots down unknown object off coast of Alaska · looks like The Witcher 3 ‘next-gen’ update added realistic vaginas, too · Australian Defence Minister orders removal of China-linked CCTV cameras from defence premises · not worth tupPence subpoenaed by special counsel investigating DoNuts T.®ump.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Today the post-
woman brought
me a pterodactyl.
I'd actually asked
for some pommes 

de terre au gratin;
but these days
you take what 
you can get, & 
are grateful for it.