Thursday, October 31, 2013


'World's first' Bitcoin ATM opens
Katy Perry Bares Midriff at Sydney Opera House!

Exposed: Australia's Asia spy network
Just like Earth, but 2000 degrees hotter!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

tuesday newstrip

Police from the NSW gang squad are patrolling the state's northern border looking for Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom • a large number of women believe that holding shares in Apple causes breast cancer • toxic algal bloom in tweet war • three-year-old daughter lives in fear after Justin Bieber was put up for sale listed as a "hardly used sex puppet" on a Facebook page • the mayor, the love rat & nudity • several ice cores narrowly miss spectators in rail network race • endangered frog populations caused suspicious infernos that extensively damaged properties in the east of the city • the number of motorcycles using antiperspirant on delivery rounds increasing • could a North Queensland tropical island have its very own Loch Ness monster?

Monday, October 28, 2013

(re-plaid) There is a moment

in Jean-Luc Godard's One Plus One, aka Sympathy for the Devil, when Bill Wyman, in a break between takes, doodles the opening to Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side.

Which is interesting, because the film was made in 1968, four or five years before the Lou Reed song.....
And the colored girls say,
Doo do doo do doo do do doo

Monday, October 21, 2013

monday newstrip

The average cost of a bell tower has dropped by $100 over the past 12 months • North Korea's latest Photoshop fail, closing roads, schools • Israel discovers Hamas 'kidnap tunnel' forcing residents to evacuate • water has been overflowing from the Basilica of the Holy Child sending trampolines flying • worst potato processing plants caught on camera • recycled water will become the norm, experts say — once we get over the toppled trees • Australian sport said it would close its cyber attack site in Cebu • wild weather is making a women-led recovery.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

tuesday newstrip

Ming-Chi Kuo has been sniffing the wind again • many mothers who bottle-feed would be satisfied to have one crack at Hamlet in a lifetime • Jon Bon Jovi has written to more than 10,000 parents whose children have not had measles vaccinations • New Zealand's median house price has today been sentenced on animal welfare charges for breaking the tails of 154 cows • gunmen have abducted up to three new mega casinos • the solar race finding will not be welcome news for farmers, policymakers, or rock gods • investor nervousness may have cost Sydney a single cigarette • are you seeing wind-related damage?

Monday, October 14, 2013

A crawfish that is frightened may flip its tail to flee,

& the effect of serotonin on this behavior

depends largely on the animal's social status.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

wednesday newstrip

Warships enter Sydney Harbor—up to 300 feared drowned • pickled snake has been charged after a laser pointer aimed at a police helicopter • the economic headwinds confronting developing countries are not due to untreated waste water being pumped into the ocean • murdered property developer Michael McGurk asked doctors for breast enlargements & cosmetic dentistry • cyclist at level crossing bites woman to prevent koalas from going extinct • pushing through difficult reforms has made it easier to make a profit trading in fugitive terrorist suspects • American commandos think long & hard on what message the partial government shutdown sends about U.S. credibility to mechanized hellspawn overseas • wedding travel costs to two far-flung African countries are critical to the global recovery • mystery drone has crashed into a group of connoisseurs at an off-shore detention center.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Labor Party rank & file to vote for new Federal Labor Party leader

For the first time, rank-&-file members of the Labor Party will vote for the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party leader. Often a pioneer amongst social democratic & labour parties, it's strange that Australian Labor is the last major centre-left party in an English-speaking Westminster democracy to embrace the direct election of the leader.

Bill Shorten & Anthony "Albo" Albanese are the two candidates.

It is rumored, however, that in case there's no clear winner, a compromise candidate, a member of the Middle Earth branch of the party, is ready to step forward to take the reins.

Friday, October 04, 2013

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

thursday newstrip

Tasmania's deputy premier has denied he punched jailed Pussy Riot punk band member Nadezhda Tolokonnikov • man at the AFL grand final on Saturday sold Miss World a fake Syrian passport & a promise of permanent settlement in Australia • how to quit your job in style • a suspected clandestine drug lab wearing a Balmoral tartan skirt & surrounded by family photos shut down at midnight • the US government may be forced to concede its pingpong crown, the latest chapter in a tortuous legal process that has dragged on for six years • researchers believe a major milestone has been reached on the path to finding a cure for Republicans & Democrats • Kenya terror attack mall at risk from tsunamis & alleged corruption at the central bank's currency printing firms • Miss Philippines moved to the medical unit of her penal colony after Paracel Islands went up in flames.