Friday, December 30, 2016

K. Rexroth's The Advantages of Learning

There are certain physical characteristics you saw in your parents as they aged that you knew you would inherit. The hair color you shared with your mother, how it would fade. The pattern of the thinning of your father's hair, & the extent of it—good to know that when he died in his nineties he still had plenty of it. The skin blemishes, the way lines formed on their faces. Your father's shoulder slump that you also share.

But it is a poem I feel I have most grown into, unshaped by genetic inheritance. One I came across more than fifty-five years ago, that moved me then, that spoke to the inner me in a way I had never experienced. I do not know if it was some sort of premonition or whether it became some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy but it is the poem that I have most inhabited, that has most inhabited me, over all the intervening years. & even though I have read much that I have liked / loved since then, even though I have written much in which I expose or privately see parts of me I would have preferred remained hidden, it still remains for me the poem.

The Advantages of Learning

I am a man with no ambitions
And few friends, wholly incapable
Of making a living, growing no
Younger, fugitive from some just doom.
Lonely, ill-clothed, what does it matter?
At midnight I make myself a jug
Of hot white wine and cardamon seeds.
In a torn grey robe and old beret,
I sit in the cold writing poems,
Drawing nudes on the crooked margins,
Copulating with sixteen year old
Nymphomaniacs of my imagination.

Kenneth Rexroth

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Xiaomi has now launched two new accessories in China—Japanese whalers pursuing minke whales in waters south of Australia & a flare soaring from a hole in the sun's atmosphere ∙ Delta Airlines has made some changes to its policies on in-flight medical care following an incident from October in which a black, female doctor was treated condescendingly & not allowed to treat a sick patient ∙ obsessive technology workers are so serious about their work that they are giving up food to be more productive at the office ∙ the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & The Radio City Rockettes will perform at PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump's inauguration, it has been announced. Way to go, dude!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

wednesday newstrip

PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump 'fessed up to his shortcomings in his rapidly spread, but not quite as rapidly deleted, "unpresidented" tweet ∙ German authorities are investigating whether a 12-year-old boy who did not vote in his home town in south-western Germany in the recent presidential election would have voted for a traditional Christmas PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump if he had ∙ while speaking to thousands of his supporters on Friday night at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump admitted for the first time that his supporters were "vicious, violent, nasty, mean . . . & going crazy" · seven people have been rescued after spending hours in the notoriously PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump-infested waters at Cahill's Crossing near Kakadu after their car was washed off a flooded road ∙ a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea on Saturday, generating a small tsunami & knocking out power in parts of PEyOTeUS Donut T®ump.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

wednesday newstrip

President-elect Donut T®ump said Sunday that he won't need daily intelligence briefings because his intelligence is already brief ∙ President-reject Donut T®ump said "nobody really knows" whether climate change is real & that he is "studying" whether the United States should withdraw from the global warming agreement struck in Paris a year ago ∙ President-erect Donut T®ump has rejected as "ridiculous" reported US intelligence findings that Russia intervened in the presidential election on his behalf through targeted hacking ∙ Mayor Nir Barkat of Jerusalem says he is optimistic that President-eject Donut T®ump will move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ∙ President-inept Donut T®ump is expected to name as secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, saying "the Exxon Valdez didn't destroy the country so I'm giving the company another chance to do so. With my help they should succeed this time."

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Friday, December 09, 2016

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Today the
postman brought
me a red Donald
Trump cap. Slightly
different from
the ones you'll
find worn by
the man & his
slavish devotees.

This one addressed
to those outside
the country who
may or may not
remember the Ugly
American of Graham
Greene fame but are
aware of him anyway.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Australian Federal government changes definition of pasta to include wontons ∙ a man has died after being run over in the driveway of his Toowoomba home by an Uber bringing his wife home from a night out ∙ Australia's one-time darling dairy stocks were dumped by investors on Friday after daily cyber attacks crimped sales of their organic infant formula ∙ conservation group Sea Shepherd has unveiled the latest addition to its anti-whaling arsenal, a pair of mummified legs believed to have belonged to a queen of ancient Egypt ∙ a group of Australian schoolchildren working on a shoestring budget have created science fiction-like weapons such as kamikaze satellites & destructive lasers in readiness for the next generation of warfare in space.