Friday, November 29, 2013

This execution was controversial

The interviewer insults the celeb, the celeb is a bit tipsy

the celeb is a bit tipsy, hit paparazzi hotspot Il Sole last night

hit paparazzi hotspot Il Sole last night, never one for shyness in front of any camera

never one for shyness in front of any camera, may stutter & get sweaty while talking

may stutter & get sweaty while talking, hearing people speak with New England accents

hearing people speak with New England accents, my 13 year old Mathematics students in New York openly share rubbers

my 13 year old Mathematics students in New York openly share rubbers, he has to cum on my ass because he came home with me unprepared

he has to cum on my ass because he came home with me unprepared, I'm loaded onto a gurney & strapped in the outstretched position

I'm loaded onto a gurney & strapped in the outstretched position, the interviewer insults me.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

thursday newstrip

Trade Minister Armed Rubbery has been forced to issue a statement admitting that he doesn't have the intelligence to comment on intelligence matters ∙ the fourth & final opera in Wagner's Ring cycle is staged for the first time in Melbourne by a hungover driver in a satin bomber jacket ∙ Pope Francis has been pillaging & burning villages in Europe to sweeten his bid for Australia's GrainCorp Ltd ∙ Beijing has released eggs & sperm into the sea in an angry rebuke over what it says are “irresponsible remarks” made by Australia's Foreign Minister ∙ destabilising debt levels & a traumatic post-GFC restructure were seen running from the scene of a fire which destroyed the historic Albion flour mill early Wednesday morning & which was subsequently covered up by the American Humane Association ∙ a Pacific Island man's bid to become a climate change refugee suffered a blow on Tuesday after a New Zealand court refused to let him challenge a decision denying him asylum.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I heard about the assassination of John F. Kennedy whilst I was riding on the small bus that then crossed the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand from Whitianga to Thames.

A narrow road in a temperate rain forest. Most times only wide enough for the bus. Branches scraping the roof. Few passengers.

The driver had a little transistor radio. Reception was, understandably, crappy at best. Scratchy. But through it all, breaking into the music, came a severe & oh so serious voice. "Stand by for an important news item." Repeated. Then, "The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy has just been assassinated."

Because of the dateline this was the morning of Saturday, November 23 in Aotearoa. Hearing the news anywhere would have caused shock, but to hear it in such surroundings was utterly bizarre. & distressing. Even to someone like myself whose politics were left of left, JFK was a figure of hope. Vietnam was still to move from S.E. Asia's equivalent of off-off-off Broadway. The Cold War was still the main occupant of the world stage. The Bay of Pigs was someone else's fuckup. The Cuban missile crisis had been resolved because of JFK's steely resolve & we were all breathing a little easier. Frank O'Hara was still alive. Kruschev was still coming on the right day!

We changed buses & headed for Auckland where we were to stay at the house of some friends who gone away a couple of days earlier & who had told us where they'd left the key. Drove into Auckland to a main street dotted with newspaper billboards – yes, they still had afternoon newspapers in those days – that proclaimed PRESIDENT KENNEDY ASSASSINATED. Not many people around, only the billboards.

Caught a taxi to our friends' house. Went inside. First thing we saw was a newspaper billboard on the wall. AMERICAN PRESIDENT ASSASSINATED. Freaked out, totally & utterly. How, if they'd been away for the last two days, could this have got there? Moved closer. Found it to be a reproduction of the billboard announcing Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Did not breathe any easier.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cue / that spooky / music, white boy

Note 1:
Buddhism . . . says that the person is made up of thoughts, feelings & perceptions interacting with the body in a dynamic & constantly changing way. At death this stream of mental energy is re-established in a new body.
Note 2:
JFK died on November 22, 1963 at 12.36 p.m. CST = 18:06 GMT.
Note 3:
The Tibetan Buddhists believe that the Dalai Lama is always a reincarnation of his predecessor. All Dalai Lamas are believed to be manifestations of the enlightened being Chenrezi, who chooses to be reborn to help others become enlightened.
Note 4:
Doctor Who first appeared on 23 November 1963 at 17:16 GMT.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dallas-Day minus n

"The bells in the National Cathedral began to ring, and ring and ring.
And four hundred girls without saying a word, rose from their chairs and walked
single-file down to the gymnasium which also served as our chapel." —Luci Johnson Turpin

Saturday, November 16, 2013

saturday newstrip

A New Zealand man behind the country's biggest Ponzi scheme has been jailed for denying he had offered oral sex to an assault rifle ∙ scientists have discovered the earliest signs of life in the Central Intelligence Agency, a global child pornography ring ∙ police have seized a female staff member believed to be building a vast database of obscene comments made on live TV ∙ international money transfers could be a danger to children ∙ the goals of Sony's PlayStation 4 were rewritten from the ground up after a gameplayer inadvertently killed what turned out to be the world's oldest living creature.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today the
postman brought
me a glass
ceiling. Not
for me, I told
him. Perhaps
for the lady
next door.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

tuesday newstrip

When to-be-moms think twice a week about the tiny iPad mini, their babies' brains show more mature patterns of activity ∙ a passenger bag stuffed with what are believed to be Ukrainian melons was locked in filthy kennels for so long that one of the melons chewed off its own injured foot ∙ US physicists have used sophisticated explosives & blasting systems to study the fluid dynamics of urine "splashback" ∙ former prime minister Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech has been turned into a song ∙ the credit industry allegedly forced its way into a bitcoin website sending a strong message to biosecurity staff to comply with their obligations ∙ the Coalition expressed "frustration" that the much maligned Cross City Tunnel could give Jakarta's boats policy wider network perks & an expanded eastern seaboard presence.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

But / he's such / a clumsy surgeon

Toe Knee Ass-Bit keeps focus
by cutting bodies
headline from The Australian, 11/10/13

Friday, November 08, 2013

some actsober pwoermds

from last month's won des laits









Tuesday, November 05, 2013

tuesday newstrip

Prime Minister Toe Knee Ass-Bit allowed himself a brief moment of celebration on Saturday after he was killed by a US drone aircraft ∙ an incident involving two mysterious barges Google has parked on a river in WA was resolved with no injuries to staff or prisoners ∙ a pilot has escaped with little more than a grazed thumb after he was forced to slash his "Rolls Royce" paid parental leave scheme & cap payouts for wealthy women ∙ the battle of breakfast TV has barely survived two hours detained in a Russian prison ∙ two health workers have been disciplined for professional misconduct after the body of an investment bank was found in a trash can ∙ the Environment Minister has launched a campaign aimed at reducing the number of New Zealanders.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Issue #31 of Otoliths is now live

I turned 72 on Wednesday. Thursday/Friday, depending on where you are, out comes issue #31 of Otoliths. In twelve years time I'll be 84 but Otoliths will only be up to issue #79—if that, since I'll probably be infirm & unable to bring out more than two issues a year. It's improbable that the number of issues of Otoliths will ever catch up to my age. As the tortoise once said to the hare, "Read your Zeno, Dude, & eat my dust."

In the meantime, I'm proud to bring out another solid issue, again containing a wide-ranging spectrum of work, this time from Katrinka Moore, Andrew Topel, Philip Byron Oakes, John Hand, Bjarte Alvestad, Louis Armand, Jac Nelson, rob mclennan, Bob Marcacci, Anna Ryan-Punch, Robert Lee Brewer, J. Crouse, Jack Galmitz, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy, John M. Bennett & Matthew Stolte, John M. Bennett & Baron, John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich, Gary Barwin, Anny Ballardini, Bogdan Puslenghea, Ed Baker, Willie Smith, Raymond Farr, gary lundy, Caitlin Annette Johnson, Francesco Aprile, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Travis Cebula, sean burn, Ross B. Stager, John Pursch, Marco Alexandre de Oliveira, Tom Beckett, SS Prasad, Claramarie Burns, Stephen Nelson, Daniel Morris, Lakey Comess, Stephen C. Middleton, Owen Bullock, Marcia Arrieta, Márton Koppány, Robert Okaji, Roger Williams, Norman Abjorensen, Bobbi Lurie, Richard Barrett & Rachel Sills, Jeff Harrison, Mark Roberts, Susan Gangel, Jennie Cole, Eileen R. Tabios, Steven D. Stark, Mary Cresswell, Donna Fleischer, Marty Hiatt, Emily Stewart, Stu Hatton, Bob Heman, Thomas Fink, Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason, Aditya Bahl, Cherie Hunter Day, Aaron Robertson, bruno neiva, Carla Bertola, Alberto Vitacchio, Chris D'Errico, Michael Brandonisio, J. D. Nelson, & Tony Beyer.