Thursday, November 28, 2013

thursday newstrip

Trade Minister Armed Rubbery has been forced to issue a statement admitting that he doesn't have the intelligence to comment on intelligence matters ∙ the fourth & final opera in Wagner's Ring cycle is staged for the first time in Melbourne by a hungover driver in a satin bomber jacket ∙ Pope Francis has been pillaging & burning villages in Europe to sweeten his bid for Australia's GrainCorp Ltd ∙ Beijing has released eggs & sperm into the sea in an angry rebuke over what it says are “irresponsible remarks” made by Australia's Foreign Minister ∙ destabilising debt levels & a traumatic post-GFC restructure were seen running from the scene of a fire which destroyed the historic Albion flour mill early Wednesday morning & which was subsequently covered up by the American Humane Association ∙ a Pacific Island man's bid to become a climate change refugee suffered a blow on Tuesday after a New Zealand court refused to let him challenge a decision denying him asylum.


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