Friday, May 29, 2009

Now out from Otoliths—Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro, by Charles Freeland

Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro
Charles Freeland
68 pages
Cover collage by Angela Genusa
Otoliths 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9806025-2-4
$10.45 + p&h
Direct URL:
Charles Freeland employs narrative sequence as a mode of aspiring to innocence. Each of these deceptively direct prose pieces, "embracing that infinity," is replete with power to endure what finally endows the conscious mind with revelations disguised as moments. Freeland’s wry humor, charged observations, sonorous lines ("Eulalie stands thigh deep in the river"), remind us of our privilege "just to catch the echo of it, the way children sometimes catch crayfish on the end of a sharpened stick." One final word for Freeland: "Encore!" — Sheila E. Murphy

Freeland's collection takes us on a journey with unexpected directions and deviations. Full of satire and the understated, the poetry of Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro is masterful. — William Allegrezza


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