Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've never been happy

with the original cover I did for my the allegrezza ficcione. It was basically the screendump of a page from a Word .doc, turned into a jpeg.

So I've just had harry k stammer design a new one for me

& have purloined part of a review by Eileen Tabios, posted to her Galatea Resurrects book review blog, to act as backblurb.
"I admire this book and not just because I wish I wrote it. I admire it because I am glad I read it. Not only is it an enjoyable romp which extends modernism but, as great literature often effects in its readers who happen to be writers, it raises the bar for me in my own attempts to write the novel in a fresh way.

The effects of blogging on literature are obviously still being written. Mark Young's the allegrezza ficcione is undisputably one which will reflect how history, poetry, speculative fiction and magical realism were alchemized into something differently-modern through the existence of poetry blogland and the internet.

That’s right — you heard it here first: Mark Young’s the allegrezza ficcione is historic and will come to be considered a 21st century classic."

It's a book I'm proud of, contains what I think is some of my best writing, is available here.


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