Monday, August 04, 2008

Genji Monogatari: Trefoil Knots

A string circle is the
simplest knot, is
trivial in the math-
ematical tongue. Trefoil
is simplest non-trivial,
but is Möbius before
Möbius, Escher
before Escher, a unique
prime knot with three
crossings, a (3, 2)-
torus. In Japanese
is agemaki, 総角, locks
of hair/four cornered;
"an elaborate three-
looped knot that also
designates a young girl's
coiffure." Is used to
decorate a gift, or, later,
armor. We knot these
braids in trefoil. May our
fates be joined
. Old poems
have much to say about the
unchanging human heart.


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