Friday, August 01, 2008

Otoliths issue ten goes live

Issue ten of Otoliths has just gone live. Once again, it's full of variety. Poems—visual, text, concrete & prose—essays, short stories, photography, an interview, paintings both digital & manual, plus a few things that defy categorization. Included is work by Barry Schwabsky, Geof Huth, joanne burns, nick-e melville, Robert Gauldie, Thomas Fink, Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason, Bob Grumman, Bill Drennan, Kristen Orser, Obododimma Oha, Reed Altemus, Raymond Farr, Christopher Major, Mary Ellen Derwis, Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy, Felino Soriano, Matthew Stolte, Anne Gorrick, Caleb Puckett, Philip Byron Oakes, David-Baptiste Chirot, Sandy McIntosh, Jeff Harrison, Robert Lee Brewer, Ashley Capes, Angela Genusa, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen & John M. Bennett, Baron & John M. Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Clint Frakes, Charles Freeland, Randy Thurman, Alexander Jorgensen, Ryan B. Richey, Ray Craig, Julian Jason Haladyn, Jennifer Karmin, Rebecca Eddy, Martin Edmond, MTC Cronin & Peter Boyle, Alan Ramón Clinton, Manas Bhattacharya, Tom Hibbard, Bobbi Lurie, Cecelia Chapman, Andrew Topel, Matthew Klane, Mark DuCharme, Laura Goldstein, Michelle Detorie, Joe Balaz, Paul Siegell, Kate Schapira, Vincent Ponka, m.R. koppp', Tom Beckett, and Nico Vassilakis. The cover is by Angela Genusa.

&, as a kind of "companion piece", Otoliths Books has just published From the Annual Records of the Cloud Appreciation Society, a chapbook "edited" by Márton Koppány & Nico Vassilakis. It's available in hardcopy at The Otoliths Storefront, & as a free downloadable pdf at the Otoliths Books Google site.
Probably only the fabled Prieure du Sion has guarded its secrets as closely as The Cloud Appreciation Society. Now some of its members, tired of the secrecy, have decided to open their texts and visions to the world. In this slim volume, edited by Márton Koppány and Nico Vassilakis, we see for the first time what has previously been hidden in the clouds.


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