Friday, August 08, 2008

Genji Monogatari: The Wind in the Pines

Being arises. What
is an anthropologist
to do? Finding a duplex
in Durban for under
1500 Rand was never
going to be easy. The
wind plucks the koto pine

wrote Basho. Xeriscaping
is big this year
. Dams
halt the spawning
runs: but since the
function of the image
is to depict not
through reproduction
but through a process
of dismantling it doesn't
matter. The scans of
military designs were
large on the page &
there were several of
them. She took out the
seven-stringed Chinese
koto which Genji had
left with her &
played a brief strain
as they loaded. An
outside accompaniment.
The pines. Calling forth
. Basho again.


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