Wednesday, March 08, 2017

wednesday newstrip

Two 100,000-year-old skulls unearthed in China are up-ending ideas about human evolution. They appear to be hybrids of humans, neanderthals, & a Polish member of the European Parliament who sounded a clarion for misogyny by claiming women should earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller & “less intelligent” · DoNuts T®ump has praised Australian-born author Nick Adams' book, which argues that only immigrants willing to take on an after-school job in a butcher’s shop should be let into the US. Government ethics rules barring product endorsements don't apply to Precedents, so Adams can happily milk the bonanza · the Victorian parliamentary perks scandal has been reignited with revelations two MPs used chauffeured ministerial cars to get to & from a Bruce Springsteen concert at Hanging Rock last month · seven years after abolishing military conscription, Sweden has announced it will reintroduce the draft in order to bolster national security as tensions rise about a smart condom which monitors performance in the bedroom — as well as detecting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) — being developed in the UK.


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