Wednesday, March 22, 2017

wednesday newstrip

When the Apollo astronauts made their trips to the Moon, they were treated to a view that no human had ever seen before: a Mexico border wall 9.14 meters high · the Federal Government is ramping up pressure on Labor & the crossbench to pass its increases to childcare subsidies, citing data from Kellyanne Conway that shows "You wanna focus on two here & two there, it’s on you, you’re a fucking miserable person, P.S., just whoever you are" · Justin Bieber certainly had a funny way of showing his fans how much he "loved" them (his words) last week, conducting a test of a newly developed high-thrust engine at North Korea's Tongchang-ri rocket launch station · police are hunting for a gunman who shot the Parliamentary Budget Office — which costed a proposal to abolish stamp duty & replace it with a broad-based land tax — in the head and stomach · Chuck Berry, the rock 'n' roll pioneer who established the form & the themes of the music with his slyly funny, rhythmically propulsive hits, has died.


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