Wednesday, March 29, 2017

wednesday newstrip

In a big shake-up after months of gains, shares have recorded their worst day since the US election amid growing doubts that Trump will deliver on his pro-growth policies · a group of hackers is threatening to wipe data from millions of Apple devices in two weeks if the company doesn't pay them US$150,000 · the dinosaur family tree may need to be radically rewritten — & even uprooted & replanted elsewhere — because of an incredibly haunting exercise in the capabilities of facial recognition technology by British researchers who have given us the chance to look at a man who lived 700 years ago · the Food & Drug Administration, following analysis of about 75 different species, has just released a new statement linking breast implants to a rare form of blood cancer · the Power Rangers are sexting, if you're wondering what they're up to nowadays. They're slut-shaming too. They're also talking about inserting crayons into bodily orifices & pleasuring farmyard animals.


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