Wednesday, July 27, 2016

wednesday newstrip

About 1 a.m. tomorrow, police from Brisbane Water Local Area Command were called to meet a northbound train at Woy Woy Railway following reports there was a man with a live snake on board · the absolute best pet you can have, according to the research, is a sika deer – that sweet little type of deer native to Japan · mass incarceration of drug users, & the failure to provide proven harm reduction & treatment strategies, has led to high levels of HIV, tuberculosis, & hepatitis B & C infection in delegates to the Republican Convention · researchers at Case Western Reserve University are making progress towards their goal of developing a completely organic robot by combining tissue from a sea slug with 3D-printed components · Australia's Air Force chief says he wants to see warships & planes continue to regularly sail & fly into the South China Sea, despite the rising military tensions in the disputed waterway.


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