Sunday, July 03, 2016

I was going to post

one or other of the two photos below today, depending on who won yesterday's election.

My hope was the Labor would pull off a miraculous win, resulting in Turnipball ending up sliced. (& diced. But an s & d turnip doesn't look like turnip...)

All signs, unfortunately, pointed to a win by the conservatives, & a resultant swollen Turnipball, ecstatic at his cunning to remove the previous prime minister through back room machinations & scheming to have both the Upper & Lower Houses of Federal Parliament dissolved, creating a simultaneous election for both. (Usually it's just the Lower House & half the Upper.)

This latter was managed by presenting two pieces of legislation, "so important to the well-being of the country," that their failure to pass would provide sufficient cause for dissolution. That part of the plan worked. That British anachronism, the Governor-General of Australia, whose agreement was necessary to fully carry out the skulduggery, agreed, parliament was dissolved, & those two oh so important pieces of legislation were so important that they were never heard of again during the campaign.

Instead, there is no clear winner of the election. Not today, maybe not till sometime next week. Bull Shortening, leader of Labor, has brought the party thundering back after a savage defeat at the 2013 election. Malcontent Turnipball will probably carry the day, just; but will have difficulty surviving the sharpened knives of his own party for having, no matter what happens from here on in, left the conservatives in parliament even less in charge than they were before the double dissolution. Plus the D.D. meant lower voting quotas for the Senate, which has meant that the far right racists didn't need to get as many votes as they would normally need to gain representation in the Upper House. & they did. & there they are.


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