Wednesday, February 24, 2016

wednesday newstrip

The lip gloss has come off Prim Minister Malformed Turnipball's countenance now that the honeymoon period resulting from his usurpation of the top jibe in Australian politics has passed ∙ a man looks at a television screen showing an image of Kim Jong Un as the search continues for a teen mum who couldn't look after her “beautiful” three-day old boy so left him on the doorstep of a NSW home ∙ sixteen passengers were escorted from a Jetstar plane at Melbourne Airport last night for bringing a brown-bag lunch every day for a week ∙ Australians who believe security agencies can protect them from a 106-year-old woman waving her cane & breaking into a jig as she is introduced to the Barack Obama & the First Lady are living in dreamland, a prominent military strategist warns.


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