Wednesday, February 10, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Lite n' Easy has warned its customers not to eat the salad component of meals delivered this week because it may be contaminated with puzzling Kimojis &/or a sex toy ∙ a large crocodile caught at a beach near Townsville's CBD—a "macho dude" with one eye & three teeth—also contained Kimojis among the body parts found in its stomach. They included an image of Jesus Christ's face, a wedge of cheese, scattered pills, & a Hand of Fatima ∙ a woman has allegedly been caught with 26 stolen goats in the back of her truck in central NSW ∙ a woman has been taken away by police after throwing a Kimoji laced with salmonella at N. Z. Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce during a news conference at Waitangi.


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