Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The voice of the kangaroo

A note in the comments box of my post on Twelve Canoes provides a link to another website from Ramingining, Bula'bula Arts, this one about the Djadawitjibi people of the Djinang group.
"Ramingining is a small, remote community in Central Arnhem Land located some 400 kms east of Darwin and nearly 30 kms from the Arafura Sea. The tract of land upon which Ramingining township is built, is owned by the Djadawitjibi people of the Djinang group.

Their principal creative being is Garrtjambal, the Red Kangaroo. Travelling from the south-east in the Roper River region across the mainland and over to Milingimbi, Garrtjambal links all the land-owning groups in the region.

The name Bula'bula was selected in 1989 by local artists for their co-operative as it refers to the message embodied in the song-cycle of Garrtjambal's journey from Roper River to the Ramingining region. More literally, Bula'bula translates as the tongue, or voice of the kangaroo."

The painting below of Garrtjambal, done by Philip Gudthaykudthay in earth pigments on canvas, is one of the many works by the local artists available through the site.


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