Monday, September 08, 2008

Notations #2

How I wish that "going up the road" meant something more than just going up the road.

That I could say "I'm going uptown" or "going downtown" & there would be something there that loosely corresponded to the appellations.

I wouldn't even mind if it was the Appalachians that they loosely corresponded to.

I'm going up the road to go to the bank. How I wish.....

I might look into the 2nd hand bookstore, where half the shelves are filled with Mills & Boon romantic novels, a quarter with war stories, a quarter with cowboy stories, just on the offchance that there might be a miscatalogued mystery story there I haven't read. How I wish.....

Or I might look into the 1st hand bookstore where the shelves are filled with books on sport & self-help & biographies. Where the detective stories are ones I don't want to read, or, if I do I've read them already, have got them from Amazon because if I didn't there's a good chance that they'd never get here because this is a franchised brand of bookshop which sort of equates to you'll never get a gourmet meal at McDonalds. There is never any poetry. Ballard is something you tie your boat up to. Ron Silliman? Don't be silly, man. How I wish.......

How I wish that there was something up the road that I could go to. Even just something up the road.


Blogger Nicholas Manning said...

I wish you were just up the road from me. This might be metro Arts et Metiers, or just up the hill towards Anvers. We could have a few cigarettes together and talk about O'Hara. Maybe the bookshops would be better, and maybe they would not.

I suppose I wish we were all up the one road, or rather creek, and there was no need for any paddle.

5:34 AM  

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