Sunday, September 07, 2008

Since, hopefully,

he will never get to be the President of the U.S.A., I'm just getting my kicks (in) now.

The following snacks are taken from Press TV's interview with Alexander Cockburn, the founder and editor of Counterpunch magazine

"Anyone listening to the convention will have heard the story of his intrepid conduct as an aviator and his great bravery when he was captive of the North Vietnamese. We and others have published several challenges to this story saying in fact that the narrative of McCain facing down his torturers is a lot of nonsense.

Actually McCain was saved by Vietnamese civilians and well cared for after his quite serious accident, descending after bombing civilians from his airplane.

There are allegations by people who shared his captivity that he received extremely favorable treatment and even allegations that he confided information to his captors which enabled them to respond more skillfully to American attacks."


"The main thing about McCain is that this reputation for being a maverick that he's built up is completely bogus. We've pointed this out many times on our website that he would rise up in the Senate and make a magnificent speech opposing earmarks (you go to Washington you want some money for your town or your state and you do some deal and you get the money - Miss Palin did that from Alaska, everybody does it.) Then McCain would give this fervent denunciation of villainy and outrage of an earmark and the special interest and then he'd go and the he'd sit down and vote for them. So it's all a complete bunch of nonsense.

Every now and again you see a black face popping up in this convention giving somehow the impression that there's some kind of diversity. Actually in the whole of that convention which is about 2500 delegates, there are precisely 36 black people; that's 1.5 percent.

The Democratic convention was genuinely diverse. You actually had about 25 percent African Americans. You had about 12 percent Hispanics. Everybody's admitting that this Republican convention is the whitest, oldest convention in Republican memory. But if you look at networks - particularly when they mention Obama, boom!, you see a black face. I must have looked at the same black guy about 150 times. The whole thing is a very very decorous theater. Nothing to do with political reality."


Blogger AlexG said...

this morning: McCain/Palin ahead in the polls.

the US of A is a nation of idiots.

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