Thursday, July 24, 2008

Genji Monogatari: New Herbs Pt. 1

Even in areas defined
by the Época de oro del
cine mexicano
, the big yellow
buses used to shuttle
children to & from school
are thought not to exist. It's
a flaw in episodic memory.
Contemporary findings
from parapsychological
laboratories identify a
progressive sequence of
generalized stages—diesel
exhausts, Yves Saint Laurent's
Teint de Jour Tinted Matt
Moisturizer #04 being
made available in major
toy stores, John Ashbery
receiving the three most
prestigious awards an
American writer can have
bestowed on him. The
Suzaku emperor chanced
to be beside the princess
when the prizes were
announced. He traced back
his memories. No yellow
buses. The relationship
between gender stereotypes
& national cultures is complex.


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