Monday, July 21, 2008

Genji Monogatari: The Bamboo River

What am I doing
wrong here? The object
oriented paradigm I
am attempting to
create seems to be
made of the same
material that causes
theft detectors to go
off in a department
store. I should have
listened to Gauguin's
advice to van Gogh—
never buy anything
in the vicinity of
a man dressed as a
gladiator. & yet,
whether or not one
agrees with the
assumptions, geo-
engineering the Earth
to control rising temper-
atures should be able
to be done without
breaking the budget. I
hear the European Union
is introducing a common
system integrating group
psychology with psycho-
analytic theories of object
relations. My housemates
are a 28 yo female & a
30 yo male. The small
catfish we got from
the river as 1" babies
are now 5" in length.


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