Friday, July 11, 2008

Genji Monogatari: Akashi

The dual nature of
the cyborg—part essay
anthology, part auto-
biography—does not
entirely lose its
mythopoeic force
even though the FBI
has been permitted
to download a partially
functional copy of the
program. "I have to
admit that I still want
to be part of the machine
& make my mark from
inside it. I'm part of
that demographic who
cannot understand why
Rilke spent so much time
writing letters to a young
poet instead of just
dashing off a couple of
calligraphic schemata." He
walked out into the rain. The
Akashi lady retired to her
room, once more convinced
that her fears had become
actuality. She picked out
an appropriate brush &
wrote a poem on some
fine Korean paper. "Being
on the wrong side of a
typhoon is not divine."


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