Saturday, January 19, 2008

The publisher as matchmaker

harry stammer puts together most of the covers for the Otoliths books. Many are relatively straightforward, but a few require a fair amount of back & forth; & rather than having to work through me, I leave it to harry & the artist.

Spencer Selby’s cover (see yesterday's post below) was quite complex. A beautiful piece by Spencer that required a delicate hand from harry so that the necessary text was clear, but didn’t deface the environment. (& in cases such as this, I regret the need to have barcodes.)

Their collaboration ended up going beyond this single cover. harry is also a musician, & has supplied the soundtrack to a number of vispo videos that Spencer has been posting to YouTube. One of them is embedded; the others are viewable here.


Blogger harry k stammer said...

Mark, thanks for the nod!

cheers, harry

12:29 AM  

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