Friday, January 04, 2008

except that,

in the post below from yesterday, I've got my Roman numerals fucked up. L, not D, is fifty, so maybe I'll call it IL-luminations......


Blogger Jill Jones said...

That sounds like as a good a title idea. Glad to hear yr taking time for yr own stuff. And in style (of course).

I'm trying to make 2008 a 'to do' year as well, and get something out there. Having some frustrations with 'maybes' turning into 'maybe nots' for a coupla projects, but I will make something happen. Ta dum.

I'm sure Won was thinkin' that Rockie is the centre of the universe! Hope 'the weather' is staying on the coast and not bothering you.

Best, Jill

1:40 PM  

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