Tuesday, February 20, 2007

out from the et ceteras

One of the things about processes like lists or reviews or arguments is that you often walk away from them &, or just before you go to sleep, additions, alternatives, augmentations slide into your mind.

Finished the post below, didn't think about it again, then, head on pillow, came the knocking. "What about these?" So, since posting is a continuity that can be added to, this supplementary list:
Dr Strangelove
The Defiant Ones (Curtis / Poitier) which leads on to
The Sweet Smell of Success & Some Like it Hot in one direction &
In the Heat of the Night in the other
Easy Rider &, at least, the chicken sandwich scene of
Five Easy Pieces
those two great nouvelle vague films Hiroshima mon Amour &
Last Year at Marienbad
&, since music hasn't really got a look in yet,
The Last Waltz


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