Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I did the post below

late at night. I've been thinking today about specific books of poetry that influenced my writing, so I'll give an additional list.

Donald M. Allen's The New American Poetry is still the headwaters for about 50 books, including several by Denise Levertov who I left off the list, & Gary Snyder's Myths & Texts which would be added to it as one of the standouts.

The additional books are, in no particular order:

W.B Yeats' Collected Poems
William Carlos Williams' Pictures from Brueghel along with Paterson — I didn't get to the early Williams until later, through a Penguin anthology that had Levertov & Kenneth Rexroth in it as well as Williams,
F.G. Lorca's Poet in New York
Arthur Waley's translations of Chinese Poetry & later Rexroth's
Apollinaire's Alcools
a collection of Paul Eluard, possibly from Gallimard
The Penguin Book of Contemporary German Poetry
Basho's The Narrow Road to the North
Bob Dylan's Writing & Drawings
Ferlinghetti's translations of Prévert's Paroles


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