Sunday, February 04, 2007

Because I play

only a minor part in it, I feel quite comfortable about mentioning THE COUNTDOWN #19, the last(?) Bob Marcacci-hosted podcast from MiPoRadio which features a nice collection of poems from Bill Allegrezza & additional poems from Jill Chan, Peter Ciccariello, Del Ray Cross, AnnMarie Eldon, Juan Jose Martinez, Shin Yu Pai, Carol Peters, Rachel Phillips, Larry Sawyer & myself.

Because I am far less comfortable with praise, I hesitated before mentioning this extract from a forthcoming review by Eileen Tabios of my speculative novella the allegrezza ficcione. I think the book is something special, something I'm extremely proud of having written. Whether it goes on to become a "21st century classic" as Eileen suggests I leave to the future, but, shit, the fact that someone thinks it might gives me a real buzz.


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