Sunday, June 25, 2006

Out from the In box

from Juliet Wilson
I thought you might be interested in my new poetry blog magazine - Bolts of Silk ( It's a blog of poems that have something interesting to say and say it beautifully, whilst fitting into the computer screen.

To submit, please send me up to six poems in the body of an email. Poems should not have been published within the last six months, if they've been published prior to that, please let me know where. I'd also be delighted if you could let other poets know about the blog and if you would include a link on your website. All contributors will get a sidebar link to their website or blog and I'll be using the comments field to say why I have chosen to publish each poem.

More information on the blog itself. You'll notice that there are no poems there as yet, but I hope to start posting in a week or so and already have submissions from poets in Scotland, USA and Italy.

from Michael Farrell
reading revival's first phase is drawing to a close

if u havent got around to commenting on the book 'duty' - or the blog - nows the time -

if u havent got around to reading the book theres a resource waiting for u if yr interested -

the site will remain live - any comments will go to my inbox - so i will read them & respond - & it will remain as an archive for future readers of duty - like a university class? - i can dream

this means were ready for book 2: ngarla songs (fremantle arts centre press 2003) by alexander brown & brian geytenbeek -

ive moved to a new site - so please update bookmarks or templates - or just use original site & travel from there. i will be posting soon.

i became aware of the book when brown won the kate challis raka award (an indigenous artist award) - despite the prize its my impression the book doesnt have a high literary profile - tho it was shortlisted for the premiers prize in w.a.

brown collected these contemporary songs by the ngarla people in the pilbara desert western australia; brown worked with geytenbeek to translate them into english. the book is a bilingual presentation

for the description on the back cover go to -

to buy online for just $20.58 + postage go to -

if the info drops out as it did with me once try again or try from blog or just search

it would be great to hear from o/s readers - for readers outside australia it is available from amazon
but as its $US22.50 it would be cheaper to go thru the above australian online bookshop (bookworm) as they further discount to $18.71 if yr outside australia + postage

of course amazon might be slightly quicker - but we have 3 months to buy read & discuss ngarla songs

it can also be ordered from a bookshop; melbourne readers: collected works have ordered 6 copies - reserve yr copy now - 03 96548873 (they are happy to do mail order for those outside melbourne who prefer not to buy online). note - it may not be on the poetry shelf in yr local bookshop - it may be under 'aboriginal studies ' or even 'anthropology' - so check before moving on.

its a great book & raises poetentially interesting questions relating to translation, anthologies, modernity, the place of indigenous poetry - to books as collaboration, to reorienting historys relation to poetry in australia & things we will discover ..

please post interesting comments to the site rather than email me - unless u have technical difficulties - in this case let me know if its ok to post as a comment -

i hope to run another live book group - so if yr interested please email me readingrevival at gmail dot com

if anyone wd like to run their own book group using ngarla songs (or duty) please do so - let me know - & if u want me to advertise for people in yr area to attend i can do that too -

if yr feeling proactive nows the time to get yr library to order it also

hope u all enjoy the book & hope to see u online


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Many thanks for posting the info about Bolts of Silk!
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