Sunday, June 11, 2006

from: Enumerations

First lineS Frank O'Hara

Sitting in a corner of
the gallery, smiling
through my own memories
of painful excitement,
your wide eyes so. He
has a funnel instead
of a penis. So many
echoes in my head, so
many things in the
air! Soot, so that
the pliant, so the rain
falls, so we are taking off
our masks are we, &
keeping……Some days I
feel that I exude a
fine dust. Someone else's
Leica sitting on the
table sometimes. I think
I am a tiny figure. Spain!
Much more beautiful
than Eqypt. Suddenly
that body appears
in my smoke. Summer
is over. Suppose you
really do, toward the end.


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gorgeous pieces

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