Friday, June 30, 2006

Colour me paranoid,


but I cannot see how Blogger, even with all its foibles, would selectively delete all your blogs at once. Sure you can delete individual blogs, deliberately or accidentally, but there seems to be no one screen or linkage that would take them all out at once.

When I read things such as "spent some time as a blog-tagger (hijacking blogs for her artistic endeavors)," which is given as part of a bionote in issue one of The Onion Union (& which caused me to think long & hard when considering editor Marcus McCann's request to submit some of my work) & hear stories of other people who have given up blogging because someone has taken over their blog, I arrive at the inescapable conclusion that somebody has logged into Blogger using yr name & password &, one by one, with malice aforethought, deleted each of your blogs.

& that horrifies me at a global level, & frightens me at a personal level, & causes me great grief at the specific level because of all the people I share this electronic world with, your Voice with its incredible insight & enthusiasm & energy & emotion & disdain for the concept of boundaries is the one that should never fall silent.

I hope Blogger can recover your posts. I'm seriously considering taking up a religion & lighting candles or chopping the heads off chickens or laying bowls of rice at the feet of idols or whatever if there's any chance that doing that will speed up the process. As Aretha Franklin put it, I
a little
prayer for you.


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