Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meanwhile, on the other side of a continent, far, far away

Haute Couture Death Text
Jim Leftwich

opening at the ubu studio art gallery at 316a Congress St. in Portland, Maine

Visual Poetry
June 2nd- June 30th 2006
opening reception
Friday June 2nd

featuring the visual poetry works of:
Nico Vassilakis ( Seattle, WA)
Carol Stetser (Sedona, AZ)
Jim Leftwich ( Roanoke, VA)
Geof Huth (Schenectady, NY)
Luc Fierens(Weerde,Belguim)
Reed Altemus (Portland, ME)
this show is curated by Reed Altemus

Other pieces from & information about the show are available here. & Geof Huth has a personal piece on it at dbqp.

& I'm stoked, because three of the participants appeared in the first issue of Otoliths.


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