Monday, May 01, 2006

from the editor's desk (ahem)

12.01 a.m., Australian Eastern Standard Time, May 1 2006

It is with a great deal of pleasure (& more than a modicum of pride) that I announce the first issue of Otoliths.

It contains work from Dan Waber & Meghan Scott, Michelle Greenblatt, Daniel f. Bradley, kari edwards, Nico Vassilakis, Michael Farrell, Alex Gildzen, Eileen Tabios, Tom Beckett, Nicholas Downing, Francis Raven, Geof Huth, Andrew Lundwall, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, John M. Bennett, Bill Allegrezza, Sheila Murphy, Martin Edmond, David-Baptiste Chirot, Ernesto Priego, Laurie Duggan, Reed Altemus, Jordan Stempleman, Irving Weiss, Jeff Harrison, Bob Marcacci, Marko Niemi, Lars Palm, pr primeau, Michael Rothenberg, Jack Kimball, CAConrad, Dion Farquhar, Donna Kuhn, Richard Lopez, Michael P. Steven, harry k. stammer, Thomas Fink & Gregory Vincent St Thomasino, plus "mini-chapbooks" from Jean Vengua & from Ray Craig.

I've started working on the print version, & will finish it off when I get back from New Zealand. It'll be print on demand, & for economic reasons will be in two parts, one b&w, & one primarily colour. Contributors will get a complimentary copy of both parts once it's ready & they've sent me their postal addresses. In addition, the two chapbooks will also be released as separate entities.

Now on to issue two. I hope what Dan Waber wrote to me is true. " If you survive the launch of issue one, the rest is easy!"


Blogger Tom Beckett said...

It looks great, my friend. It will repay many visits.

1:43 AM  
Blogger EILEEN said...

Congratulations! Beautiful and brilliant! Bliss-filled!

3:46 AM  
Blogger rcloenen-ruiz said...

Congratulations, Mark. What an incredible first issue :) Certainly a feast worth returning to again and again.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Ernesto said...

Gorgeous. It's an honor to be among such distinguished company.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Ray Craig said...

Mark, Congratulations, "immensely" beautiful.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Okir said...

You know how I feel about it, but again, the humble Blogger template has never looked so good. Terrific editing and design -- am enjoying the other poets and vis-poets very much...

10:36 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

This is great, Mark. Lots to come back to.

8:42 AM  

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