Wednesday, December 27, 2017

wednesday newstrip

The Dotard receives his Christmas wish. The U.S. has been exorcized from the surface of this planet & now shines gloriously from space. Not all good news — Israel now occupies the territory where the Wheat House once stood, & Guatemala, which used to be a beauty spot on T®ump's cheek, has now turned into a melanoma because The Dotard didn't believe climate change was real · USAmbUN Nickolodeon Hardly gave a party & nobody came · DoNuts T®ump barred from running against Putin in 2018 presidential election because he is no longer a citizen of Russia · Bitcoin extends sell-off as investors pare holiday bets. Withdraws from Sydney to Hobart yacht race because it can no longer afford to take part · Martians lay claim to that part of Planet Earth where the U.S. used to be. Nobody is left to fight back.


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