Wednesday, June 28, 2017

wednesday newstrip

A popular flea product has been pulled from shelves over fears it's poisoned a number of cats · private space company SpaceX launched a rocket carrying a satellite from Florida's Kennedy Space Center with a previously used All Blacks haka as its first-stage booster · this is apparently the new BMW X3 — the upcoming Audi Q5 rival has been leaked online ahead of its official reveal in completely unmasked, if low resolution, images · followers & descendants of Tūhoe prophet Rua Kēnana want to revive their Israelite religion. They gathered for their last whānau hui in Rotorua, ahead of a statutory apology they will soon receive, for the illegal wrong-doings by the crown to their spiritual leader & his followers over a century ago · arcane new rules prohibit restaurants grilling medium-rare burger · if David Lynch designed a planet, it would be Uranus. Much like every episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, Uranus is fiercely unique and weirdly endearing, even though it makes no fucking sense.


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