Wednesday, June 14, 2017

wednesday newstrip

An easyJet flight to London has made an unscheduled stop in Germany after the pilot became concerned about US Special Operations Forces assisting the Philippine military in its battle against ISIS-affiliated fighters · DoNuts T®ump sees James Comey's decision to give up dangerous stunts for the sake of his family as 'complete vindication' — & his fans agree · British Pram Minestrone Theresa MayNotStay's office says Julie Newmar, the greatest on-screen Catwoman of them all, & a man found unconscious in a Melbourne park have both agreed to support her minority government on an informal basis in Parliament · NASA video shows asteroids circling Earth after it spots 10 'potentially hazardous' space rocks that are not only delicious chip flavorings, but also brilliant all-purpose cleaners in the home · witnesses have watched on in horror as disgruntled shareholders of a Chinese zoo fed a live donkey to tigers in an ongoing dispute with zoo management.


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