Wednesday, May 17, 2017

wednesday newstrip

Wheat House advisers concede DoNuts T®ump's firing of American neo-Nazi Mike Enoch as the headline for DingoCon, a political convention to be held in Sydney in July, was mishandled & that they've lost control · Windows 10 S, a more restricted version of the full Windows 10 for the education market which won't work with Chrome, Opera, or Firefox, challenged the Eurovision Song Contest's decades-long reputation for cheesy, glittery, unbridled excess — & won · the Australian Fascist Facebook page confirmed that social media is emerging as the new hunting ground for scammers to find victims, according to data out today. Tickets to DingoCon are being advertised for $88 · hackers behind massive ransomware attack have made an embarrassingly small amount of money. · frustrated & isolated Precedent considering staff shakeup at demoralized Wheat House following a bloody all-in brawl believed to have been started by the serial groper.

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