Wednesday, May 10, 2017

wednesday newstrip

Early in Arkane Studios' new game, The First 100 Days of DoNuts T®ump, you're subjected to a battery of tests by Breitbart scientists, whose work commodifying a mysterious alien lifeform leads to the space station disaster you'll soon be tasked with fixing · on the Venn diagram of strange animal mating behaviors — from lobster golden showers to garter-snake orgies — duck sex is on the border between cartoonish & sadistic · Banksy Brexit mural of man chipping away at EU flag appears in Dover. Now NASA scientists are drawing up plans to dismantle it & send it hurtling into the South Pacific in the world's most spectacular demolition job · an American school teacher is being accused of allowing students to hit a piñata with a picture of the precedent during a Cinco de Mayo celebration.


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