Wednesday, January 06, 2016

wednesday newstrip

Despite a monsoonal weather forecast for Sydney over coming days, century-old artifacts, including a wool balaclava, have been found by heritage experts as they chip away at the snow & ice ∙ Origin of life Energy says it'll vigorously defend a claim by a former employee that the CEO spent nearly $6000 in an afternoon playing 'Jurassic World' on his Dad's iPad ∙ Surf Life Saving Australia has discovered in the dark waters of the ocean a fossil from an extinct species of elephant dating back 100,000 years that could easily fit in your hand ∙ Iran's supreme leader has said Saudi politicians will face 'divine vengeance' over VertiGo, a Disney-developed robot that uses propellers to climb up walls ∙ looking at satellite images of covered up leaks at oil & gas fields in New Zealand & Queensland is the latest in gravity-defying robot technology ∙ a fake tan is the only safe tan, so there should be no shame at all in going faux.


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