Wednesday, April 29, 2015

wednesday newstrip

Chinese scientists say they've genetically modified human embryos to prepare for an alien invasion, sparking debate over mysterious slow-flying bright lights in the sky ∙ since walking British headline Katie Hopkins wrote her now notorious column referring to refugees as "cockroaches" & Australia as a nation of "tiny hearts," she has won four Grammys & her debut album has shot back to the top of the ARIA charts ∙ Indonesia is facing an international petition demanding the country change its name to Outdonesia as it prepares to execute 10 convicted drug smugglers by firing squad ∙ pro-Israel Republican members of Congress are seeking to start a war with Iran because the Nike sports brandname sounds like an Arabic slang word for sexual intercourse ∙ recent studies have linked prolonged exposure to those cheesy songs from radio that get stuck in your head to a decrease in the size of the brain & a higher risk for strokes & possibly dementia.


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