Wednesday, April 15, 2015

wednesday newstrip

It was the perfect recipe for a party—a woolshed, pig on a spit, bonfire, beers, music, & a video allegedly showing Islamic State militants using bulldozers & explosives to destroy the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud ∙ Australians who enjoy illegal copies of TV shows & movies will lose thousands of dollars of childcare & welfare benefits ∙ BHP Billiton has been reprimanded by a senate committee & given two weeks to report back after it refused to vaccinate its basic financial information against a bunch of old school mates ∙ the weight of the first four episodes of HBO's new Game of Thrones season 5 plummeted by five kilos in five days whilst in Perth's new Fiona Stanley Hospital ∙ a man has just discovered he had sex with his new fiancée’s father & wonders what to do next.


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