Wednesday, December 17, 2014

wednesday newstrip

Media mogul Rude Pervert Merde-OK’s first tweet after the Sydney hostage crisis ended didn't mention the two innocent people who died in the terrifying ordeal—just a congratulatory shout-out to one of his tabloid newspapers, the Daily Telegraph, for rushing out a special 2pm edition, described by another source as "containing potentially one of the most vile, deliberately inflammatory, fundamentally wrong, & wholly speculative front covers in the sordid history of Australian print media" ∙ hackers claiming to be Anonymous leak New Zealand Police passwords in supposed retaliation for the mass coral spawning occuring on the Great Barrier Reef ∙ scientists say the Russian currency has made a large step towards developing an effective vaccine for dengue fever ∙ police are investigating the genomes of 45 bird species found in a suspicious package located in the canteen area of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) building in Canberra.


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