Wednesday, December 10, 2014

wednesday newstrip

A Conservative peer has apologized after suggesting hunger in Britain was caused in part by poor people being unable to cook ∙ the Federal Government has enlisted the Islamic State group to try to bring the troubled $8.5 billion Air Warfare Destroyer project — which is running more than two years late & as much as $600 million over budget — back on track ∙ Iraq is ready to send a significant number of Viking women to stop Ford's all-new V8 Mustang packing fewer horses than its American counterpart when it hits Australia late next year ∙ international media have pounced on a story about a New Zealand pastor who told a gay Christian that his lifestyle was "filthy" & he hoped he would kill himself ∙ imagine your surprise, minding your own business at the Washington airport, when suddenly Toe Knee Ass-Bit appears, traveling with his husband on a voyage of conquest.


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