Wednesday, November 26, 2014

wednesday newstrip

An electronic cigarette has been stealing information from governments & businesses since 2008, researchers said ∙ Art Gallery of SA director Nick Mitzevich has angrily denied there was evidence to suggest some of the works in its collection fled the country after being informed they would be arrested in a potentially lethal confrontation ∙ two paedophile senior teachers at an elite Hobart boys' school would need to gradually move away from mining coal if carbon capture & storage technologies do not prove successful ∙ New Zealand Security Intelligence Service director Rebecca Kitteridge is warning about the potential risks of "vaping" after an unidentified resident receiving oxygen therapy was injured by a fire sparked by a sophisticated cybersespionage tool ∙ the days of the yellow-crested rockhopper penguin could be numbered if police are trained to "shoot to wound."


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